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Boyertown American Legion Baseball

Boyertown American Legion Baseball

Our Program - Bears

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The Boyertown Bears American Legion baseball team is the marquee travel baseball program for Boyertown School District residents. The program is sponsored by American Legion Post #471 and plays during the late spring and summer. Legion players interested in Fall Ball can play on one of our Blue Collar teams in the fall. See the next section for more info.

The Bears have tryouts in late February and regular season games starting after the conclusion of the high school baseball season. Weekend practices and scrimmages may be held during the months of April and May. The Bears participate in the American Legion baseball program, playing in the Berks County League. Home games are played at historic Bear Stadium. Eligible players will be 16 to 19 years old on December 31 of the calendar year that they are on the team.

Younger players are encouraged to participate in programs offered by the Boyertown Midget Baseball League (BMBL). See the One Boyertown section below for a description of how our two organizations work together to develop future Senior Legion players and the Legion Program Overview section for a description of the teams across the entire Boyertown Legion Program.

Bear Stadium at twilight

Our Program - Blue Collar

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The Blue Collars are very similar to a traditional travel baseball team, but with two notable exceptions. First, the priority for players on Blue  Collars is player development, to prepare them for baseball beyond the high school level. Our pitchers learn how to pitch, not just throw hard. Our batters learn situational hitting, not just home runs and power. All of our players work on fielding, unlike most travel teams. The second difference between Blue Collars and typical travel teams is cost. We aren't in this to make money; we're in this to develop baseball talent. Eligible players live within Boyertown School District.

Blue Collars have two seasons. In the Summer Season, the team practices with the Senior Legion Bears and some players may be dual-rostered on the Bears. Since Blue Collars players tend to be high school sophomores and juniors, the team participates in multiple College Showcase tournaments with out-of-state travel likely. The team also scrimmages local Senior Legion teams. The Summer Season begins in May and concludes in early August. Participants must tryout for this team in late February and must be 16 or 17 years old on April 30 of the calendar year that they are on Blue Collars.

The Fall Season is very similar to the Summer Season for the Blue Collars. Since the American Legion does not run a baseball program in the fall, the Blue Collars typically field two teams. These teams participate in local tournaments and regional College Showcase tournaments. Eligible players will be 19 years old or younger on December 31 of the next year after the fall season. Tryouts occur in August and the season extends until the end of October.

One Boyertown

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Boyertown has a rich tradition of baseball, perennially known to field competitive teams at every level. Like other successful programs, our success is a combination of a large talent pool and a cohesive and comprehensive development program that identifies and develops young talent while providing opportunities for late bloomers to develop and participate. The goal of Boyertown Baseball is to ensure that every player can play on a team that is appropriate for their talent level, to give them an opportunity to learn and love the game of baseball.

The Boyertown Midget Baseball League (BMBL) and the Boyertown Senior American Legion team have a long history of working together for the betterment of Boyertown baseball. The BMBL was formed in 1951 to provide a youth baseball program for younger kids, but also with the hope that developing that young talent would feed into the future success of the Senior Legion team. Today, the two organizations work together to run the Legion baseball program, with BMBL administering the Junior Legion, and Junior Legion Prep teams and Boyertown Area Youth Baseball LTD administering the 17U Showcase and Senior Legion teams. Coaches from both organizations work together to ensure a seamless baseball experience for players as they progress through the program. This player-focused collaboration helps each player to continue to get the coaching and development they need at each stage of their baseball journey.

Legion Program Overview

The American Legion baseball program is a national organization for players between 13 and 19 years of age. The Legion program can be thought of as three different levels. Junior Legion Prep and Junior Legion are the youngest level, for 13-16 year-olds. At this level, the focus is on helping the player adapt to the full size field and identifying a primary fielding position for the player based on their skill set. Junior Legion Prep and Junior Legion coaches work with each player to master the fundamentals of their focus position.

The next level is the 17U Showcase team. At this age, players interested in playing collegiately start identifying and reaching out to target schools. The 17U Showcase team is designed to facilitate the college recruiting process while each player continues to receive instruction to help them to master their specialty position. This team plays in 2-3 regional College Showcase tournaments in the Spring Season to give players an opportunity to get in front of college coaches.

The most senior level is the Senior Legion team. At this level, players interested in playing collegiately have already engaged with target schools and perhaps committed to a school. This level is focused on continued instruction and development for each player's position while playing high-level baseball to gain experience.

The following graphic shows the age groups associated with each Boyertown team in the Legion program. Boyertown has two Junior Legion teams. The Grizzlies have players from the geography associated with Boyertown Middle School East and the Bear Cubs have players from the geography associated with Boyertown Middle School West. The age cut-offs for all teams in the Legion program are based on the player's age on December 31 of the year that they play for the team.

Sr Division structure, Legion program

A tabular summary of the different Boyertown teams in the Legion program is shown below. Click the team name link to find out more information about that team. For teams that are administered by the BMBL, you will be redirected to the BMBL website. Players that meet the residency requirement for a team but attend a private school are still eligible to participate.

LevelAgeTeamResidency requirementAdministration
Junior Legion Prep14UBear PawsBoyertown School DistrictBMBL
Junior Legion16UGrizzliesBoyertown Middle School EastBMBL
Junior Legion16UBear CubsBoyertown Middle School WestBMBL
17U Showcase17UBlue CollarsBoyertown School DistrictSenior Legion
Senior Legion19UBearsBoyertown school districtSenior Legion


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