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Boyertown American Legion Baseball

Boyertown American Legion Baseball

iScorecast Overview

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The Bears use iScore to score our games. iScore provides the ability for fans to watch the plays of the game live on their phone, tablet, or computer. Past game scorecards are also available (we will also post them on our website under Schedule and Results).

See the instructions below to stream the iScorecast to your device*

*Available if we are able to get internet access at the field

On the App

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The app you want to install is called "iScore Central - Game Viewer". The app has the same look and feel for phones and tablets, for both Android and iPad, so the instructions below are applicable to all of these. The app is free to use, but a premium option is offered for a small monthly or annual fee. The app describes the differences between the free version and the premium version and the cost for the premium version.

After you have installed and started the app, follow these steps to find our live game:

  1. Choose Games from the Menu. Do not choose Teams, it doesn't seem to be able to find us
  2. Within the Games screen, select Search
  3. Search for "Boyertown" (without the quotes)
  4. You may sometimes see two versions of the same game if our opponent also uses iScore (e.g. Norchester). Ours is "Boyertown Bears"

If you create a free iScore account, you can mark the Bears as a favorite team so live games automatically show up on your favorites list.

On a PC

Watching the iScorecast on your PC is very easy and you do not need a subscription to see plays or to enable the audio.

  1. Navigate to this link, which is the Bears iScorecast for all games, past and present
  2. Click on the game you want to watch
  3. If the game has already ended, you can also watch the replay

It's that simple!

iScore PC Scorecast example


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